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Summer Yellow Nails

Summer Yellow Nails: Introduction

Summer may not be the most pleasant season in India, but we still enjoy it. It is, after all, the season of mangoes, popsicles, pretty dresses, and bright nail colours (Summer Yellow Nails).

When summer arrives, one of the first things I do is save some yellow nail art ideas. Why? No other colour better defines summer than yellow – it’s bright, happy, and full of life! If you adore this cheerful summer colour as much as I do, you’re going to adore these gorgeous yellow nail art designs.

Abstract: Summer Yellow Nails

There are numerous ways to incorporate a pop of yellow into your tips. Instead of going all yellow, add a few hints on a white or off-white background and draw a few abstract flowers. If you enjoy DIY nail art, this one might not be too difficult to complete.


Sunshine nails are the epitome of summer. Coat your nails with the stunning Lakmé Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Color and leave them looking flawless, or draw something that reminds you of summer to take it up a notch.

Dots in polka dots

Summer Yellow Nails
Best of Summer Yellow Nails

Polka dots are probably one of the simplest nail arts. If you have a bright yellow nail colour, add tiny dots of black, white, or any other bright colour to your tips to welcome summer!

Nail splatter

I adore nail art ideas that don’t require precision but still look stunning. Splash your favourite colour on a bright yellow base; pink and orange look best, but you can definitely make your own mess with a different colour.

Nails for spring

What is summer without some lovely flowers on your nails? Sheer nails and yellow flowers appear to be a perfect match! Don’t you agree?

Yellow nails accented with a lightning bolt

Do you imagine bright yellow lightning bolts when you see the colour yellow? It was the first thing we thought of as well! Painting a yellow lightning bolt on a dark black background creates a fantastically eye-catching accent nail in the middle of an otherwise solid yellow manicure. People will remember your nails as awesome summertime electrical storms!

Glittery yellow with gold and green accents

Do you like the idea of a yellow manicure with an accent nail but aren’t a fan of lightning bolts? Instead, try a simple glitter accent! We love how the yellow complements the gold in this gold and green glitter shade.

Nail beds in bright yellow with blue glitter

Although yellow and glitter look great together, painting a single sparkly accent nail isn’t the only way to combine the two! Contrast yellow with a nice royal blue chunky glitter, concentrating it near the base of your nail so it fades out to solid yellow trips.

Light gradient nails in yellow and green

Green is another colour that contrasts well with bright yellow and makes for a great summery visual! We love how a light green looks sponged lightly onto a brighter yellow to create a faded ombre that’s both cheerful to look at and will stand out against most outfit choices (Summer Yellow Nails)!

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