Dragon Nails: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Pictures

Dragon Nails

Dragon Nails: Intro Dragons are ferocious while also being cool. In fact, they are one of the most popular options for getting a tattoo. Not prepared to make that commitment? Instead, how about some dragon nail art? You can indulge your love of this mythical creature without committing to having him live on your body … Read more

Outfits with Skirts: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Images

Outfits with Skirts

Outfits with Skirts: Introduction Skirts have been a huge part of fashion history. Skirts have been around for as far as we can trace it back to, being an important part in different cultures and cultural clothing. They first started off being big and bulky, with several layers underneath, gradually becoming lighter and more manageable. … Read more

Pink Shirts Styling, Fashion For Men, Women

Pink Shirts

Pink is a fabulous color that is so refreshing. Although it is known for femininity it can also be worn by men. Style such a ravishing color in a shirt with the below tips! Men Pink For Formal Look: Shirts A crisp pink shirt can be paired with navy blue trousers for a formal outfit. … Read more

Hermes Garden Party: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Images

Hermes Garden Party

Hermes Garden Party: Introduction The Garden Party is a classic Hermes style that is thankfully quite easy to find – every time I visit a boutique, I see at least one of these in some colour combination on the shelves. Hermes started making all leather versions about five years ago; previously, they were usually toile/leather … Read more

Coffin Matte Nails: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Ideas

Coffin Matte Nails

Stiletto Nails can be dangerous at times and often be the center of any woman’s worry due to their sharp pointed ends. However, with coffin nails that problem does not rise at all. Coffin nails are less dangerous and practical as compared to the stiletto ones. The appearance also seems chic. Well, every nail has … Read more

Summer Yellow Nails: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Pictures

Summer Yellow Nails

Summer Yellow Nails: Introduction Summer may not be the most pleasant season in India, but we still enjoy it. It is, after all, the season of mangoes, popsicles, pretty dresses, and bright nail colours (Summer Yellow Nails). When summer arrives, one of the first things I do is save some yellow nail art ideas. Why? … Read more

Fashion Pass: History, Information, Wiki, Unknown Facts

Fashion Pass

Fashion is ever evolving, and with the help of various resources, we have witnessed several ways how fashion has changed throughout the years. While the ancient times had particular fashion trends of their own, we have also come across those of earlier centuries (Fashion Pass). Fashion in recent times has changed a lot. Although a … Read more