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Pop Aesthetic: Music is something that a lot of people find to be aptly therapeutic. People listen to and practice music for a variety of reasons, like entertainment, enjoyment, relaxation and also for carrying out family traditions. People who have grown up being surrounded by music are likely to pursue music as a form of interest, or even as a career. Some people like to sing and that’s why they are called singers, while people who either direct music or play instruments are generally called musicians. Since music is a form of art, people who are involved with music one way or another are also collectively known as artists. We all know that different things have different genres. Just like movies and books have different genres, music has different genres as well. In India, Indian music varies vastly. The different genres in Indian music are so very that they are difficult to count. But some of the most prominent ones are folk songs, thumri, songs made in regional languages and by prominent writers like Rabindranath Tagore, Kavi Nazrul Islam and more, party music, devotional songs, classical and more.

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Pop Music Aesthetic

If we are going to talk about music, we must talk about the Hollywood music industry as well. It is one of the biggest music industries in the world and hosts some of the biggest award shows and music reality shows. Pop and rock are the two genres that dominate the Hollywood music industry, though more people listen to pop.

Here are some pop music aesthetics:

  • When we think of pop music, it’s usually mainstream music. Some of the most popular artists of the music industry are associated with this genre and the term pop magic usually comes from the word, “popular”. If we compare pop music to rock music, then you will see that pop music usually has a more colourful appearance whereas rock music has a darker vibe to it. Similarly, hip hop music is more on the brighter, neon colour side. However, all this is just a assumption, aj interpretation, just to put more vibrancy to it.
  • Music has definitely evolved throughout history. What happened at the very beginning is difficult to talk about due to lack of much information, what happened gradually is fairly easier. Classical music and instrumentations were more popular, but singing started to become more and more favoured. While the making of some kind of musical sound requires a material or a source, the joy of singing is that you don’t need any instrument for it. The only instruments needed to sing are your vocal chords and some sense of pitch and “Sur”. Eventually, through experimenting and mixing of sounds, new music happened which eventually became known as rock, pop and hip hop music.
  • Some of the biggest pop stars of the Hollywood music industry are Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Ed Sheeran and more. Madonna is literally one of the biggest pop stars ever, and popularity has earned her the title of Queen of Pop. During her prime years, she gave some of the best songs to her audience and many other artists have also sung her songs and added them to their albums.

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