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Pink Shirts

Pink is a fabulous color that is so refreshing. Although it is known for femininity it can also be worn by men. Style such a ravishing color in a shirt with the below tips!

  • Men

Pink For Formal Look: Shirts

A crisp pink shirt can be paired with navy blue trousers for a formal outfit. Add on a similar shade of navy blue for a blazer to give that formal look. Match the shoes and belt to the same color. It is the golden rule of formal attire. Try to wear brown to balance the pink and navy blue as the shirt and trousers. Wear an analog watch as an accessory. Roll up the sleeves until elbows for a stylish look when you are not wearing your blazer. Make sure that your collar is sitting right on your neck. You can also add some aviator sunglasses to level up your whole formal outfit.

A Casual Approach: Pink Shirts

It is definitely easy to dress up casually with the color pink. Pair a pink shirt with white jeans or white trousers. Any man would look astonishing in this color combination. Add some silver jewelry here and there such asĀ  rings, watch and neck chains. This instantly is going to elevate the look. Since it is casual, go for some white sneakers. You can wear this outfit for brunch or touristing. It is ideal for summer and spring. The whole outfit does step up your fashion game!

Pink Shirts
Class of Pink Shirts
  • Women

White And Pink: Shirts

Pink and white is such a heavenly combination. This combination can not only be worn by men, but also can be worn by women. Choose a satin pink shirt that has got white buttons on it. Put an outfit together by pairing this satin pink shirt with high waisted white linen trousers. Make sure the trousers are pressed. Wearing wrinkled clothing might make anyone look cheap. Wear some black tie on high heels. To match the heels, choose a sling bag of the color black for a more sophisticated look. Go for a minimal necklace and nails. This is an amazing look for office wear, college wear and also fits into the criteria for after-5 attire!

Denim With A Dash Of Pink

This particular look is inspired by the world-famous model, Gigi Hadid. She has never failed to impress her fans with her wonderful street style. The lady paired an oversized pink shirt with mid-rise light blue mom jeans. She also wore a white graphic tee under the pink shirt.

Pink Shirts
Pink Shirts: A formal look!

This look is put together by grey boots and a mini pink handbag. This outfit was incredibly put together that anyone who takes this as an inspiration would absolutely look dashing and definitely would stand out in a room! This is an ideal outfit for autumn and winter. It can be worn while going for errands or a little coffee date to catch up with friends! It can also be worn by college going students!

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