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Hermes Garden Party

Hermes Garden Party: Introduction

The Garden Party is a classic Hermes style that is thankfully quite easy to find – every time I visit a boutique, I see at least one of these in some colour combination on the shelves. Hermes started making all leather versions about five years ago; previously, they were usually toile/leather combos, and I’ve admired them ever since; it’s a wonderfully versatile bag at a less shocking price (Hermes Garden Party).

The bag is in the classic Hermes “gold” colour, which I think complements the Garden Party’s leather nicely (Negonda). I don’t think Negonda takes all the different colours that Togo/Clemence does, so I’d recommend going to see all the colours in person since they are sometimes available to buy on the Hermes online site.

Hermes Garden Party
Hermes Garden Party: Class act

Negonda is a very strong leather, but it has a reputation for “sagging” more easily. My bag was actually quite stiff, but I’ve seen others where the leather had puddled into a large smooshy pile. Depending on your preferences, you might want to try a Negonda Garden Party or a Fjord, which is a bit stiffer.

Hermes Garden Party: More Info

The Garden Party is one of the few Hermes bags that is not lined in leather, and as a result, it is significantly less expensive. It only has one large compartment for all of your belongings and one large zippered pocket on the side. I usually keep my wallet and phone in the zippered pocket and throw everything else in. The top has only one snap closure, which isn’t the most secure but is adequate for me on a daily basis.

One of my FAVORITE features of the Garden Party is that the handles are long enough to be carried over one’s shoulder – a very convenient option! Some ladies I know used theirs as a diaper bag.

Hermes Garden Party
Class of Hermes Garden Party

The bag can also be carried by hand – you can see mine is “sagging” a little here, but I love how smooshy it is. That way, it can easily fit under my arm.

Overall, I am a big fan of the Garden Party and believe it is one of Hermes’ more versatile bags. I frequently recommend the Garden Party to those who ask me about a good “starter” Hermes bag to introduce them to the brand, despite the fact that I am far from an expert! It’s a classic design that’s easy to wear and costs between $2 and $3,500 depending on the model. Not cheap by any means, but one of the brand’s more reasonably priced bags.

Bougainvillier Is The Colour

I was drawn to the colour – Bougainvillier – the first time I saw her. It looked like a coral in the yellow light of the boutique. However, in natural light, it turned a bright red with strong pink undertones.

Hermes creates the most beautiful colours, regardless of the shade. My Sales Associate joked that Hermes has about 20 different shades of red, but she wasn’t kidding (Hermes Garden Party).

Boungainviller, in my opinion, is most similar to Rose Extreme, which is slightly more pinkish.

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