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Dragon Nails

Dragon Nails: Intro

Dragons are ferocious while also being cool. In fact, they are one of the most popular options for getting a tattoo. Not prepared to make that commitment? Instead, how about some dragon nail art? You can indulge your love of this mythical creature without committing to having him live on your body for the rest of your life. Here are some of the best suggestions. They will captivate you! (Dragon Nails)

DRAGON SKIN WITH GREEN WATERSPOT: Doesn’t it resemble dragon skin? This technique is extremely simple and enjoyable!

GLAMOROUS SCALES:A black background is ideal for displaying some gleaming dragon scales.

LARGE GLITTER FLECKS:This would undoubtedly take some time, but don’t you think it looks fantastic?

Dragon Nails: Points To Note

EGGS OF A DRAGON:Go for a more subtle look by using only a couple of dragon nails.

PURPLE AND BLUE TWO-TONE SCALES:The transformation from blue to purple is magnificent.

GREEN DRAGON WITH SPREAD WINGS: Takeoff is ready! To achieve this look, you’ll need a small paintbrush.

HOW TO BREED A DRAGON: These adorable nails will delight any fan of the film.

DRAGON FROM GAME OF THRONES EGG :Do you enjoy Game of Thrones? Then it’s easy to see why these nails are so epic.

Dragon Nails
Best of Dragon Nails

HERE’S A LOOK AT YOU:Make a piercing dragon eye with shiny polish or decal paper.

MUCH GLITTER AND SPARKLE: Shiny polish and glittery flecks will give your dragon nails a girly edge.

DRY, DRAG MARBLE:This technique is extremely simple, and the result is a stunning abstract dragon.

SKIN AND EYES:How about one dragon eye on one nail and dragon skin on the rest? That looks good to me!

TOOTHLESS INSPIRED: You remember the movie’s friendly dragon? Here he is to accompany you throughout the day.

Things To Take A Look At

THE NAIL WITH THE DRAGON:I adore the orange polish that forms the nail’s background.

DRAGON IN PURPLE AND BLACK:The combination of purple and black exemplifies a dragon’s majesty.

DRAGON EGG NAILS IN DIFFERENT COLORS:You’ll love the end result, and you’ll have a great time making it.

CHINESE DRAGON WITH MANY DETAILS:Isn’t that cool? To get this right, you’ll need a steady hand.

RED THAT IS BRIGHT AND SHINY:This is possibly my favourite look! The combination of red and black is fantastic.


I really like how the shiny scales pop against the matte background of the nails.

DRAGONS AGAIN? PLEASE YES!: You’ll get a lot of compliments on this one..


Don’t these look amazing?


The blue in this case is ideal for a water dragon.


Green is a classic dragon colour, so make good use of it.

THE ROARING DRAGON:He’ll have something to say! This is incredible.

OUTSTANDING GRADIENT IN BEAUTIFUL COLORS:With this design, you don’t even need the scales to get the dragon feel.

YELLOW AND GREEN:I really like the greenish yellow colour scheme used here.

WITH A WHITE BACKDROP:The colours of your dragon stand out against a white background.

INTERESTING COLORS:Nothing about this look is less than spectacular (Dragon Nails).

AWAY IN SPIRIT:This is really cool! The dragon is cute.

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