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Finn The Human

Finn The Human: Introduction

Finn Mertens, He is also known as Finn the human, is a very famous fictional character in the American animated television series adventure time which was created by the Pendleton Ward. He also appeared in the spin off series Adventure Time: distant lands. He is voiced by the Jeremy Shada in most of his appearance. This character has also made his debut in the original pilot where he is named as a Pen and was voiced by the Jack Shada a Jeremy’s older brother. As an adult in some of the appearance Jonathan Frakes his voice.

Finn The Human: Appearance

Finn The Human is a 17-year-old human, and he is having a very thin and noodly limbs. He has few missing teeth because he bites the rocks and trees among the other things. Although his eyes are typically lack in detailing and appear as a small black dot due to the minor mutation, In the episode of ‘The Enchiridion!’, when the Finn is tried by the dark magician, the eyes are shown to have colour. Finn’s left eye is green while his right eye is of blue colour, showing the characteristic of the genetic condition known as heterochromia, but as stated by the Andy on the form spring, ‘That was a special occasion. The heterochromatic effect was a by-product of him being hypnotised by that guardian dude’. Finn’s eyes are of blue colour later Andy Ristaino confirms that.

 Finn is having a blonde hair which can be seen in to cut a woman’s hair, where Finn has removed his hat, and his long golden locks of hair flowed out. Finn’s hair had a glowing Sheen and extended to his body length until he cut it off and gave it to a tree witch.

Finn The Human
Legend of Finn The Human

Talking about Finn’s clothing, he wears the white hat with two ears sticking out on the top. His heart is inspired by bueno the bear, a bear that appear in the comics that was made by the Pendleton War, a creator of the Adventure Time. He has proclaimed it to be awesome. Finn’s hat covered his entire head except for his face. he also wears a denim short, roll down white sock, t-shirt, a green backpack and also a pair of black shoes. In the ocean of fear’ finn’s footwear appeared to be black booties with the white cuffs. Finn’s also wear a white brief that made an appearance in the ‘city of thieves’ When the penny stole his trouser at the end of the episode.


Despite that Finn has a wielded number of weapons, he originally favoured a golden sword. As in the episode of the ‘mystery train’, he is shown using a new sword, with silver/pink blade and a red twisted root handle. Along with his new root sword, his green backpack has also a new side strap that can hold the sword while Finn is walking.

In the ‘conquest of cuteness’ Finn was shown to have a crossbow and he has used a different one in ‘the new frontier’.

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