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Cait Sith

Throughout Final Fantasy VII & Dirge of Cerberus, Cait Sith is a key character. In Crisis Core, Before Crisis, Final Fantasy VII- Advent Children, & Final Fantasy VII Remake, he also makes an appearance as a summoner. He is a cat that Reeve Tuesti has remote-controlled riding a huge stuffed toy moogle. Prior joining Cloud Strife’s crew for initially unknown reasons, he was a fortune teller at the Gold Saucer.

Etymology: Cait Sith

The Celtic fairy creature known as the Cait sith (pronounced “Caught Shee”) is described as looking like a huge, black cat with such a white mark on its breast. According to legend, the Scottish Highlands are home to the phantom cat. Its precise translation is “mound cat,” alluding to the fairy forts that are frequently used to shelter different sorts of fairies.

Cait Sith: Appearance

A little over three feet tall, Cait Sith is a remote-controlled stuffed toy cat with brief black fur as well as a white stomach & face. He has a little crown, white gloves, and a short red cloak on.

Due to improper conversions from centimetres to feet in English literature, Cait Sith’s height has indeed been reported as 3’2″. His true height is 3.28 feet, or 3 feet, 3.37 inches. When the game first launched in North America, the official website utilised the rounded-down number of 3’3.”

His Personality: Cait Sith

It can be challenging to understand Cait Sith’s character because he is only a robot that Reeve Tuesti commands. He does behave considerably differently from Reeve, particularly in terms of speaking habits. The Cait in the Japanese editions has Reeve’s distinctive Kansai accent.

Cait frequently uses the first person singular to refer to himself, and as it would be impossible for Reeve to always exert direct control over him, he might possess some level of artificial intelligence. He is lighthearted and fun-loving, but weak and cowardly in battle. He can annoy people by being boisterous. Reeve criticises Avalanche’s behaviour and even suggests that Avalanche is just as dangerous and destructive as Shinra when he confirms that it is indeed him speaking and not Cait Sith. He enjoys reading people’s fortunes, which frequently prove to be accurate.

Cait Sith: Abilities

Cait Sith commands his moogle with megaphones. Sith only possesses the Limit abilities Dice and Slots, which is unusual for characters. Dice rolls a certain number of dice, and depending on the outcome (and his level), deals damage. Based on the outcome of a slot reel, slots can have a range of impacts that either increase the power of allies or hurt opponents. The best combination of slots kills all enemies instantly, while the worst kills all allies and causes a Game Over.


Hideo Ishikawa performs the voice of Cait Sith in Japanese. He shares a voice actor with Leon from Kingdom Hearts series, Auron from Final Fantasy X & Final Fantasy X-2, Leonhart from Dissidia- Final Fantasy & Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. Ishikawa distinguishes it from his added voice roles by using a unique, lighthearted high pitch. Speaking in a modified Kansai dialect is Cait.

Cait Sith
Best of Cait Sith

In English, he is portrayed by Greg Ellis, who gives Cait Sith a Scottish accent in reference to the name’s original meaning—a ghostly cat that stalks the Scottish Highlands.


  • Cait Sith, also known as Cat Sith but rather Cat Sidhe, is based on the Celtic mythological figure of the same name. The most common comparison is to a big, black cat with such a white patch and otherwise mark on its chest.
  • Sith is a title given to creatures who were frequently connected to the paranormal. As the “sidhe” were the title of the hills that dot the Irish landscape as well as were frequently believed to be the entrance to the Celtic Otherworld, it can be roughly translated to mean “fairy,” but it is more accurately rendered as “of the mound.”
  • The British folktale “The King of Cats,” in which a man sees a group of 8 cats bearing a coffin and therefore is instructed to tell his pet cat that the old king had passed away.
  • The root of Cait Sith’s CS is a term that refers to copying outward appearances without knowing a thing’s true character.

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