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Eep Crood

Eep Amber Crood is one of the deuteragonist of the anime series of The Croods and The Croods: a new age, and she is also the main protagonist of its Netflix prequel series named as dawn of the croods. Eep was voiced by the Emma Stone in the films and in TV series she was voiced by the Stephanie Lemelin. In the Japanese dubbed version from movie she was voiced by the Romi Park.

Eep Crood: About

Among all of them in the family, Eep really hates the cave that they never leave the most of them. Grug tells them Krispy, who is a poor little stuffed animal that was filled with curiosity and saw something died and new. She often seems to be annoyed by the story for that she has heard it many times before. Eep likes to explore the new things, and this is the reason it makes her the oddball of the family because the rest of the family believes in staying in the Cave is the only way to live in.

Eep Crood
Best of Eep Crood

But by the time when the Cave and the canyons area are collapse, their family are forced to move out on an amazing road trip. It is really seen that Eep is more excited for this trip than the other. On this amazing road trips only, she meets up with a guy with whom she has started doing romance with and this guy really showed Eep that what the outside world has to offer to her. With his own ideas and the exploration, he is causing Grug to be more even protective, caring and doing anything he can to keep these two apart. She is also interested in fire.

Eep Crood: Appearance

Eep Crood is shown to be really very strong with a catlike movement. She is also an excellent hunter, second after her dad, if not better. She is also shown to be more imaginative and extremely very curious, and really believes that there is a world far beyond her family’s cave and the hunting grounds.

Eep really like to stay outside as much as possible and don’t like the caves. In her profile only, she is said to like the running and jumping and also some chasing mammoths. She is constantly argued with her father about her own safety. Eep believes that she can take care of her own self, but Grug have always think the opposite. Around the Guy, she often acts bashful and shy. When Eep got nervous or hesitated, she is shown to pull on her hair.


Eep is the oldest daughter of the Ugga and the Grug, and she is the oldest child of the Gran, and the older sister of the Sandy and the Thunk. She really hates living the Cave and wants to explore the life of the outside world. While Grug highly disagree with her, and he constantly tries to convince her to stay in the Cave and keep herself away from the outside world.

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