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Laser Aesthetic

Lazer Aesthetic: We have all heard about something called a laser, but a lot of us do not know very well what a laser actually is. If we take the definition that we can get from either a physics book or from the internet, then a laser can be defined as a targeted beam of bright monochromatic light that is produced upon excitation of molecules or atoms. These excited molecules or atoms result in the emission of stimulated photons. These photons then join together to create a beam of light that is commonly known as laser or a laser beam. Even though we know that light is not necessarily harmful, for lasers that is not really the case. Laser beams can be very volatile and excess exposure or long term exposure to laser beams can result in burns or disruption of tissue. Along with this, without proper precaution while using laser beams for any purpose, they can also cause damage to one’s eyes. With that established, it must also be known that lasers nowadays are used for a wide variety of purposes.

Lazer Aesthetic

We already stated before about what lasers can do if they are not handled carefully. However, with that being said, it must also be understood that lasers are used for a wide variety of purposes, including in beauty and skin care aesthetics.

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Take a look at this list for some cool laser aesthetics:

  • Laser light is used quite a lot these days in case of sensitive surgeries, welding and most importantly, in skincare treatment. You may have heard a lot of people getting these kinds of treatments done. In case of beauty treatments, lasers are used extensively for hair removal. Lasers usually burn off the hair follicles from deep inside the skin, which delays the growth of hair to quite an extent. Apart from that, lasers are also used for pore shrinkage and depigmentation treatments. Lasers are also used extensively for anti aging treatments as well, especially in the eradication of dark spots, wrinkles and more.
  • If you are somehow fascinated by lasers, then you could get yourself a super cool wallpaper featuring a laser beam for your device, particularly for your mobile phones or personal computers. You can also for Star Wars themed wallpapers as one of the key factors of it, which happens to be the Light Saber, actually releases a beam of laser when it gets activated. Obviously, in reality they won’t be using actual lasers in dummy Light Sabers to prevent any kind of harm, but for visual purposes, it looks pretty cool. You can find the best laser themed wallpapers from Pinterest or We Heart It. Otherwise, a quick Google search will help you too.
  • Did you know that lasers are something cats like to play with? Well, they don’t just jump into a beam of laser, but laser pointers make incredibly distracting toys for these agile little fluff balls. Cats, like most kids, tend to get bored with the toys that are meant for them and a lot of times they like to play with random things. If you have cats at home and are thinking about what kind of toy to get them that will enable them to get a ton of exercise, making them chase a dot of laser is a great way to do that. Just make sure to point the laser at a wall of floor, and not directly on them.
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