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When we used to go to school, we learnt different subjects on a pretty basic level which enabled us to grow our interests in certain subjects, only for us to want to pursue them on a higher level in college and universities in order a build up our careers even later on. Of all the subjects we would study, some were history, geography, mathematics, languages and more. If we travel down the memory lane and go knack to the time when we first started learning the study of geography, one of the earliest lessons we learnt and which to this day is still stuck with us is the topic of continents and countries. Therefore, it is common knowledge for us now that there are seven continents in this world, and these seven continents house about 195 countries. The seven continents that we studied about were Asia, Africa, North and South America, Antarctica, Oceania and Europe. Of this, Asia is the largest and most diverse continent and Antarctica is the smallest and relatively isolated for its location and extremely cold climatic conditions. Different countries have different cultures, languages, food, clothing and people. In fact, the plants and animals there are also varied in species. However, despite being vastly different, countries do tend to share some common ground as well, which is both fascinating and interesting.

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African Aesthetic: Creative Look

When we hear Africa, a lot of people tend to assume that it is a country rather than a continent, and people there are poor, don’t get food to eat and live a rural life. This is ignorance to the extreme. In most countries and places which are stricken by poverty, two main reasons are colonization and corruption. These two things have sunk their claws rather deep into the minds and hearts of people, but history like this must always be acknowledged and never be repeated. That being said, Africa is a place with incredible culture, rich wildlife and natural diversity, great people and amazing food.

 Here are some African Aesthetics

  • The continent of Africa has been historically popular for being rich in wildlife, particularly mammals. Some of the animals most popularly found in Africa are lions, elephants, bison, rhino, meerkats, wild boars and many more. If you have watched The Lion King, then you will notice that it was based entirely on the animals of Africa. The Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is considered to be the world’s greatest wildlife spectacle.
  • African food is one of the most delicious cuisines in the whole world. They are made with a lot of effort and are an amazing blend of flavours and spices. However, African food is not as popular as Italian, Indian or other cuisines, but with the rapid rise of food content creators across social media platforms, African food is gaining well-deserved recognition.
  • We all have heard of shea butter. It is an extremely moisturizing and is used widely in the making of soaps, creams, shampoos and conditioners. Apart from this, direct application of shea butter is great for skin and hair. This shea butter is principally obtained from Ghana. Most of the world’s cocoa pods, whose beans are used for making chocolate, are also obtained from African countries.
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