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Dogs Aesthetic

Dogs Aesthetic: Intro Dogs Aesthetic:

It is a popular saying that dogs are a man’s best friend. This phrase is not false at all, but it must be rephrased as saying that a dog can be anybody’s best friend. Dogs are one of the friendliest animals on earth and they not only make absolutely amazing companions, but also great as service dogs and utilitarian dogs when trained well. We know that there are tons of dog breeds present around the world and just like humans, their anatomical structure may depend on a variety of factors, like climate, genetics and more. We know about how animals like tigers, lions, cheetahs and panthers are all part of the feline family, along with many other lesser known wild cats like the puma, caracal, Pallas’ Cat and more. Domesticated cats had descended from these wild cats and in a similar fashion, dogs descended from wolves, foxes and some other animals in the similar category. Migratory factors helped spread the popularity of dogs all over the world and soon, people started keeping dogs more and more.

Dogs Aesthetic

Dogs are something that can be found in any part of the world. While some of these dogs mainly originated from other countries, in any given place, you would mostly find dogs who are specifically belonging from that region.

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If you love dogs, here are some dog Aesthetics for you:

  • Why do people get dogs? Well, for the most part, people usually get dogs for the purpose of companionship. Dogs make absolutely excellent companions because of their silly, goofy personality and undeterred loyalty. However, even though the purpose is to bring them for companionship, one must know that bringing a pet at home is a lifetime commitment and not something temporary. Many times, people don’t realize that bringing a dog home requires ample space, time and money. Unfortunately, this is the reason why a lot of times, an innocent dog gets abandoned. So before bringing any pet home, it must be thoroughly and properly decided.
  • Different dog breeds serve different kinds of purposes. Although any dog can be brought home for companionship purposes, if you are looking for certain functions to be performed, then specific breeds are also available for that. Siberian huskies and Alaskan malamutes are kept in Arctic places to pull sledges across rough and mountainous areas. Retriever breeds like golden retriever and Labrador retriever are used by hunters and other such people to retrieve things. German Shepherds and Malinois are great guard dogs and they are used for criminal investigations.
  • Considering how we are talking about dogs in this article, one thing that we all would like to highlight is the importance of rescuing and adopting instead of buying. When you buy from a breeder, the business of making dogs and other animals reproduce in order to sell their offsprings gets promoted. In many puppy and kitten mills, dogs and cats are kept extremely inhuman conditions just so their offspring could be sold. Instead of shopping for dogs or cats or any other pets, adopting should be considered.
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